Saving Steel Gets Easy
Ultimate Tensile Strength or UTS is defined by the ultimate stress a material can with stand. This defines the ductility of the material. Our high grade rebars provide a higher UTS/YS ratio making the factor that it helps in saving steel. Studies prove a higher tensile strength in rebars results in less consumption of steel, which means more saving.

Reduction of mass of reinforcement results to added savings.
  • Deep Ribs leading to strong hold on concrete concludes less wastage.
  • Less Binding & Cutting results low cost on re-bars.
  • Less Binding & Cutting results low cost on re-bars.
Know the Difference
  • Tmt bars are normally rolled out of INGOTS and BILLETS by other manufacturers. High quality EMSON TMT rebars are rolled out of BILLETS only.
  • Chemical composition of steel can only be maintained at the stage of melting while manufacturing INGOTS/BILLETS and not at rolling stage.
  • Those who buy INGOTS/ BILLETS from outside manufacturers and then re-roll TMT Bars have inadequate control on quality.
  • Billets manufactured, but not directly rolled without re-heating also produces lower quality grade of TMT
Quality Standards
  • We use C-15 & C-20 Billets as the primary raw material. Emson TMT bars are IS approved and produced under the excellent quality supervision of required standards.
  • This is followed by stringent quality testing in our own laboratory, which is equipped with SPECTRO analyzer (for chemical testing) and 100 tone UTM (for physical testing).
  • Our overall stringent process ensures that we produce products complying with the national and international quality standards.
Our products are approved in almost all government and private organizations across the country. Consistent patronage and faith shown by our clients is the prime achievement which we love to ever nourish.