About Emson
The advent of thermo mechanically treated (TMT) steel bars have heralded a new era of economy in the construction industry in India. Round plain steel ruled over this industry up to sixties while the Ribbed steel bars took over the scene in seventies and maintained its supremacy till nineties.

An extensive use of corrosion resistance steel i.e TMT steel ushers in greater economy and longer life of RCC structures. TMT bars are widely used in general purpose concrete reinforcement structures, bridges, flyovers, dams, and hydel power plants, industrial structures, high-rise buildings and underground platforms in metro railways and rapid transport system. TMT Bar is a substance for thermo-mechanical treatment.
Chairman's Message
In the fast moving era of technology, the urge to innovate has given birth to new advance products in the construction industry that enables RCC structures to stand safe for years, protecting lives against hazardous natural disasters. We at Emson take pride in the pursuit of such excellence by amalgamating unique technology with experience to create TMT re-bars that adhere to Indian specifications of safety and sustainability.

Equipped with state-of-the art manufacturing plant, at Emson global standards have been adopted for continuous casting and rolling coupled with contemporary computerized laboratory to produce TMT bars with high grade quality. Every stage of production goes through precision checking to ensure that the final products are reliable as human lives is our primary concern also keeping in mind the various topographical diversityaround the country.

It has been our constant endeavour to set up the upgraded version of facilities to manufacture products that are internationally acceptable. An enterprising spirit and the ability to discern future trends have always been the driving force behind the company's remarkable achievements.
Strive For Excellence
There are countless examples around the world of lives being lost from collapse of structures & buildings, which happens due to not being built with the prescribed & standardized reinforcement steel.

Due to various seismic zones in different regions around the world, architects and engineers globally are now more concerned about human safety living in high rise buildings in urban cities. Thereby experts are more stringent now and reinforcement steel is in massive demand for any kind of construction.

India's need for high-strength and high-ductility rebars has seen a tremendous upswing in terms of consumption because of rapid urbanization and the fact that 60% of India is in the high-hazard seismic zones 3, 4 and 5
An Ideology
A mission based on goodwill & commitment
EMSON is committed to achieving success through integrity, transparency, implementation of best practices and usage of advanced technology to produce supreme quality bars. We aim at providing our employees a friendly environment and carrying out production processes to pay our dues towards the society.
Why a new Rebar
To corroborate this fact a primary qualitative research with a sample size of 3000 users was conducted by us in and around northern India and respondents
  • Trade dealers (wholesale & retail)
  • Builders (institutional & individual)
  • Key influencer group like architects, engineers & bar benders
  • Retail consumers

  • Market needs a product which would be quality wise similar to that of prime producers.
  • Respondents are quite aware of the high ductility and high yield strength features of rebar for a more safe & secure construction.
  • Price wise respondents want a more comfort zone when compared with prime producers.
  • Retail consumers