Welcome to EMSON
Emson TMT is the latest generation of ribbed, high strength, thermo-mechanically treated reinforcement bars that are popular worldwide. The TMT process features rapid cooling of heated bars' periphery. This transforms the peripheral structure to martensite, which is then annealed through the heat available at the core. The resultant bar structure is of tempered martensite on the outer surface and of fine grained ferrite-pearlite at the core, imparting high strength, toughness and ductility.
Thermo-mechanically treated (TMT) reinforcement bars are today essential for any high rise construction. For load bearing applications it has completely replaced CTD and plain bars on account of its remarkable weight to strength ratio.
Why Choose EMSON
Good Reasons
  • Lower steel consumption-savings upto 25%
  • High strength & uniform elongation as EMSON TMT rebars are made out of billets only.
  • More depth in ribs - which creates higher bond strength.
Chairman's Message
In the fast moving era of technology, the urge to innovate has given birth to new advance products in the construction industry that enables RCC structures to stand safe for years, protecting lives against hazardous natural disasters.